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The UK's largest sourcing and management portal for the Property Finance market, trusted by brokers and principle lenders to place funding requirements and manage live transactions.
What Is funding File?

Simplifying life for both brokers and lenders:

Funding File is a sourcing and deal management portal for principle lenders and commercial finance brokers in the unregulated property finance sector. 

We provide a comprehensive sourcing system with over 150 products added and updated directly by lenders for brokers to place funding requirements with, brokers can then choose to contact lenders directly or submit and manage cases through the application and case management system provided.

Funding File offers direct access to principle lenders for, Bridging Finance, Development Finance, Refurbishment Loans and Commercial Mortgages.

How Does Funding File Work?

Options & Ease

For a broker to succeed they need to have access to a diverse lender panel and effectively manage transactions for clients. Funding File offers this by giving brokers the latest products available directly from lenders combined with a smooth application and case management system.

Type in your deal criteria > choose your preferred lender(s) > submit multiple applications at once > manage lender feedback easily on the CRM > track information requests and deal updates in a shared case file > Complete Deals!

You can manage unlimited cases with unlimited lenders, all completely free!

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